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Our team has been at the forefront of Accident Benefits decisions since the first regime.

Not only does every lawyer at our Firm practice in Statutory Accident Benefits, our experience and success, is well-documented in decisions at FSCO, the Superior Court, Court of Appeal, and Licence Appeal Tribunal.

Our clients have continued to place their trust in us to advise and lead them through the ever-changing Accident Benefits landscape.

In LAT disputes,

our lawyers have been mobilized quickly to fulfil the mandate of cost effective and efficient dispute resolution through hearings in writing, in person and hybrid type hearings. We also mobilize our resources to conduct early investigation of claims through Examinations Under Oath.

In 1993, Canada Law Book published FSCO Motor Vehicle Insurance Law & Practice by the late James Flaherty and Catherine Zingg. It includes summaries of cases from FSCO, private arbitrations and the courts, a Table of Special Awards, a chart of Judicial Review decisions and text commentary. After James Flaherty became a Cabinet Minister, Catherine Zingg assumed responsibility for the book. She authors and edits the periodically revised Accident Benefits in Ontario, published by Canada Law Book, and writes the widely read monthly Accident Benefits Newsletter.