The lawyers of Flaherty McCarthy LLP have leveraged their considerable experience defending claims into growing a thriving and successful plaintiff-side Class Proceedings practice. Through this practice, the Firm continues to take on only the most righteous causes in order to protect and compensate the vulnerable and the wronged.

From start to finish, each Class Proceeding is fiercely and meticulously prosecuted, with a view towards obtaining the best possible results for class members.

Lead by Sean Brown, Christopher Lupis and Laura Bassett, Flaherty McCarthy LLP is on the cutting edge of Class Proceedings work, with cases involving privacy breaches, lapses in healthcare standards, and lawyer’s negligence.

Cases we are presently prosecuting on behalf of our clients:

Medical Device: Nardi v. Livanova – proposed class proceeding arising from alleged defective medical equipment.

Sexual Assault and Voyeurism: Rabbat v. Dr. Vincent Nadon – proposed class proceeding against a physician and the University of Ottawa regarding the physician’s sexual assault and voyeurism of patients.

Cases we have successfully resolved in favour of our clients:

Condominium Act: Persaud v. Talon – certified class proceeding arising from alleged breach of the Condominium Act.

Solicitor Negligence: Rezmuves v. Hohots; Horvath v. Jaszi; and Galamb v. Farkas – proposed class proceedings against three lawyers for alleged negligent representation of Roma refugees.

Dental Negligence: Rizzi v. Handa, 2019 ONSC 1802 – certification of class action against dentist and dental clinic regarding alleged IPAC (infection prevention and control) lapses.

Privacy Breach: M.M. v. Lanark, Leeds and Grenville Children’s Aid Society, 2017 ONSC 7665 – certification of class action for alleged breaches of sensitive information.

Privacy Breach: Drew v. Walmart Canada Inc., 2016 ONSC 8067, and 2017 ONSC 3308 – certification of class action regarding a data breach of online photo printing services.

Privacy Breach: Rowlands v. Durham Region Health, 2011 ONSC 719, and 2012 ONSC 3948 – certification and settlement of class action regarding the loss of a USB key with personal information.

Negligence: Travassos v. Tattoo, 2011 ONSC 2290 – certification and settlement of class action against a tattoo parlour due to inadequately processed instruments.

Breach of Contract: Wilkins v. Rogers Communications Inc., 2008 CanLii 56715 – certification of class action regarding alleged service interruption of cable services.